Founded in January 2008, LinguaPlay is a dedicated center that fosters the learning of the Russian language in the UK. Our organisation has since grown to encompass eight Russian language schools serving primary and secondary school-age children, in addition to offering private lessons through our agency.

Our LinguaPlay schools are strategically located within the Greater London area and its surroundings. While all our schools share a foundation of tailor-made programs designed to support bilingual children from Russian-speaking families, each school also boasts its unique strengths. Notably, art emerges as the second most popular subject across all our locations.

LinguaPlay-Beckenham holds the distinction of being the founding center of LinguaPlay. It offers tuition on Saturdays for students of all levels and ages, welcoming learners as young as one and a half (in our Playgroup), up to those preparing for GCSEs and A Level examinations. LinguaPlay-Beckenham is registered with OFSTED, ensuring high educational standards.

LinguaPlay-Eltham specialises in tutoring students up to 15 years of age and also operates on Saturdays. Established in 2010, many of our students have been enjoying Russian language lessons here since the school’s inception as a playgroup. In addition to standard language lessons, the school hosts a popular drama studio. LinguaPlay-Eltham is registered with OFSTED and accepts childcare vouchers.

LinguaPlay-Epsom opened its doors for the first time in September 2013 and offers classes on Sundays. The School is registered with OFSTED, ensuring the quality of our education.

LinguaPlay-Sutton School was established in 2013, driven by the initiative of a group of parents from the Baltic countries who approached us with a request to open a Russian language school for children. Since March 2021, LinguaPlay-Sutton has found its cozy permanent location. Everyone acknowledges the exceptionally pleasant and warm atmosphere in which our students learn.

In the autumn of 2018, we proudly launched LinguaPlay-Online, an online school.

LinguaPlay-St Albans opened for the first time in September 2018, also offering classes on Sundays.  LinguaPlay-St Albans is registered with OFSTED and accepts childcare vouchers.

LinguaPlay–Tonbridge welcomed its first students in November 2018, with classes held on Sundays.  LinguaPlay-Tonbridge is registered with OFSTED and accepts childcare vouchers.

Responding to the strong demand in the Greenwich area, we opened LinguaPlay-Greenwich, in autumn 2019. This school started its operations in September 2019, with classes held on Sundays. LinguaPlay-Greenwich is registered with OFSTED and accepts childcare vouchers.

LinguaPlay-Richmond, our latest addition, opened its doors for the first time in September 2021, offering classes on Saturdays. Like the others, LinguaPlay-Richmond is registered with OFSTED and accepts childcare vouchers.

At LinguaPlay, all our schools offer a nurturing environment where learning goals are tailored to individual abilities. Small group settings, with 6 to 8 students per group, ensure personalised attention while working toward common learning objectives. We take immense pride in the expertise of our teaching staff and our company’s fifteen years of experience. These factors make LinguaPlay schools the ideal choice for families seeking to preserve and nurture the Russian language.

LinguaPlay registered with Ofsted

No School Nearby? No Problem!

If you wish to have a LinguaPlay school in your vicinity, please inform us, and we will thoroughly explore the possibility of establishing a local branch. Alternatively, you can choose to join our school online, where multiple groups and subjects are available.

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