“Play together” is a program for toddlers and young children with an accompanying adult. The child can be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will stay in the class and actively participate in the activities. With your help, we will be able to generate greater enthusiasm and engagement in the educational activities.

We meet once a week for one hour and exercise under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Each meeting includes songs with movements to the beat of the music and exercises for the development of articulation and auditory attention skills. For example, we may listen to a fairytale and try to guess its characters. Each meeting of the Playgroup involves sculpting, drawing or other forms of arts and crafts.

The Playgroup is ideally designed for children of 16 months, although we welcome peers within a six month range of this to attend the classes. By the age of three, children usually move to our main school.

In the “Play together” groups, children get to know each other, become friends and gradually start to speak, with ever increasing confidence and activity. It always gives us great joy to see a child’s first noises be replaced by words, and words by full sentences.

It is an unforgettable experience for an adult to see their child grow and develop along with their peers, to experience useful exercises and games that can be practised at home. The leader of the Playgroup is always an experienced teacher of the junior department of our school, who is always happy to answer any questions from parents.


To help your child get started studying in a group.


  • We get to know each other and learn to foster friendships
  • Speech exercises, arts and crafts on the topic of the lesson
  • Articulatory gymnastics
  • Develop auditory attention and learning skills
  • Learn songs
  • Perform movements to to the beat of the music and dance
  • We climb into the tunnel slide and dive into the ball pool
  • Blow bubbles and have fun


From 16 months


An accompanying adult


1 hour