Children can start studying mathematics in Russian at 4 and a half – 5 years old, when they can read simple words and sentences. Our curriculum consistently implements the best achievements of the Soviet school of teaching mathematics at an early age.

At LinguaPlay schools, we teach mathematics using the long-established techniques which we ourselves were taught. The strengths of this approach are obvious: each new concept is introduced only after a thorough comprehension of the material is achieved: understanding prevails over mechanical memorisation, the ability to reason and think independently over guessing.

We pay great attention to the child’s assimilation of the composition of numbers, the ability to formulate and solve problems; such as the ability to understand and problem-solve using geometric constructions, for example. This painstaking work subsequently makes mathematics easy, understandable, and most importantly, enjoyed!

At the parents request, our teachers develop children’s mathematical abilities by making them study questions from Mathematical clubs, competitions and Olympiads, helping identify gaps in their knowledge and giving additional support to where they may be lagging behind.

In LinguaPlay-Online, you can prepare for the GCSE in mathematics and statistics, as well as for A-Level examinations for the entire range of disciplines in the mathematical cycle.


for children aged 4.5 – 5 years old


Children are able to read simple words and sentences in Russian

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