The child writes letters and words by ear in the earliest stage of learning, reads simple words, sentences, and short texts before mastering the entire alphabet, gains an understanding of language (concepts of sounds and letters, words, sentences, texts), which prepares the child for conscious learning of both Russian and English languages in primary school.

The course has been patented in the UK

The program has been developed by LinguaPlay and tested for a decade, taking into account the speech environment’s nuances and the development of initial reading skills in bilingual children. The innovation in the development lies in the gradual introduction of graphemes, cultivating listening-based reading and writing skills even before the complete mastery of the Russian alphabet. This approach allows bilingual children aged 4-5 to differentiate the graphic systems of Russian and English languages without strain, enabling them to write by ear and gently introducing them to the realm of conscious language learning.

The company’s experience demonstrates that children who learn to read in Russian through our program significantly outpace their English peers in reading English practically from their first days of school.


To teach a child to read at an early age, develop the skill of writing by ear using printed letters, and establish the foundations of language understanding. The program’s advancement rate is tailored to the age of the children within the class.


  • Establish a connection between sound and letter.
  • Learn fascinating aspects about vowels and consonants, as well as their corresponding letters.
  • Acquire the skill to read letters, syllables, and words.
  • Practice writing by ear using printed letters.
  • Conduct sound-letter analysis of words.
  • Develop the ability to comprehend written text from the very beginning.
  • Read and discuss short texts.


from 4 years old


The child possesses foundational learning skills; they are capable of coloring a small picture.


1 hour


all schools