Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Primary (KS1-KS2), Secondary (KS3, KS4 / GCSE, A-Level)

Primary School (from Y1 to Y6; age 5 to 11) – Lessons are designed for children attending primary schools (from Y1 to Y6) and are aimed at inspiring a love for the Italian language and culture. Through fun and creative activities children will have the chance to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

KS3 (Year 7, 8 and 9; age 11 to 14) – In year 8 the focus is on communicating at sentence level as well as on structures coupled with an understanding of, and ability to use, grammatical structures including present and future tenses which allow for more autonomous use of language. Key skills such as listening, reading, memorisation, translation, tackling complex texts and unfamiliar language as well as developing fluency in speaking and writing about a variety of topics are regularly developed and consolidated in lessons/homework. This provides a strong foundation for the continuation into year 9 and the GCSE course should students continue with Italian at KS4.

KS4 / GCSE (Y10 and Y11; age 14 t0 16) – Lessons focus on consolidating the language skills previously learnt. However, emphasis is given to past tenses, future, conditional and subjunctive moods, pronouns and prepositions in preparation for GCSE exams.