Most of our students have two native languages ​​- English and Russian, so learning additional languages ​​comes more naturally to them than for their monolingual peers. “Teaching bilinguals is a real pleasure” say our French teachers. And indeed, the children not only do an excellent job in the foreign language classes at the main English school, but are also able to speak them at a superior level.

We believe that it is better for a child to study different languages ​​on different days. Therefore, foreign languages ​​are taught in LinguaPlay-Online. Children can study French, German, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian and modern Greek with our teachers. If you are interested in learning any other language, please leave us your request: we are constantly opening new classes.

Classes are available both without an intermediary language (for example, French with French textbooks), and on the basis of English or Russian intermediary languages ​​(French with English or Russian textbooks).

All of these languages ​​can be taught as foreign languages. Native language lessons are possible if there is an adult available who speaks the language and is ready to help the student with homework.

Children can start their classes with a language club, and later continue them in an academic format in preparation for the GCSE and A-Level exams.