Our primary aim is to foster bilingualism in children living in English-speaking environments and attending primary school in English. But why do we provide English language classes?

The benefits of bilingualism are truly unlocked when both languages of the child are nurtured. Bilingualism is not an inherent trait; it is developed.

Children arrive in the United Kingdom at different ages and with varying levels of English proficiency. Ensuring their smooth integration into the English-speaking environment and boosting their confidence in primary schools is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, for children who possess English language skills on par with their monolingual peers, our additional classes can aid them in excelling in exams, expanding their vocabulary, and feeling more at ease while studying English literature and other humanities subjects. As it is well-known, knowledge limited to the school curriculum often falls short for achieving successful exam results.

At LinguaPlay-Online, we offer English language classes tailored to suit all proficiency levels.