Art is an integral part of a child’s activities in LinguaPlay. We begin by introducing various materials and types of visual and practical activities to children from the age of 18 months, by actively involving kids with their parents in sculpting and applique activities in the ‘Play together‘ activity groups.

Artistic creativity is strongly associated with the development of speech processes and the child’s imagination, and we fully utilise this connection in the lessons of our Harmonious Early Development program.

From the age of 4-5, children can engage in artistic creativity in a dedicated lesson. During it, we introduce children to a variety of materials and techniques of visual activity, immerse them into the world of the Great Masters of painting and design, and develop creativity.

From the age of 6-7, children get acquainted with various genres of painting: by drawing their first landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

As soon as they are ready, students will begin to learn the basics of composition, drawing from nature and making sketches. Gifted and enthusiastic students are engaged in our art school program. Such children participate in international competitions of children’s drawings or prepare a portfolio to apply for art scholarships when entering high school. LinguaPlay-Online offers advanced courses and individual lessons to those who choose education and future careers in the arts.