After passing the GCSE, our students prepare for the A-Level Russian examination in Y12. Preparation for A-Level Russian greatly expands the social and political horizons of our students, allowing them to independently assess current affairs and develop their critical thinking, which will be a huge advantage by the time they enter university.

LinguaPlay offers a unique support system for candidates and their parents in preparing for exams.

A Levele Russian Examination timetable 2024

We have developed a system of consistent preparation for the exams using our own published study materials which have proven their effectiveness. Students are taught by teachers who have been trained by the Pearson examination board.


To prepare the candidate for the A-level Russian exam, Pearson examination board.


  • Get acquainted with the format of the exam, the lexical topics of the specification
  • Engage in a detailed analysis of examination topics and the development of all required examination skills (listening, speaking, writing in Russian, reading and translating)
  • Discuss possible topics for an independent research project and the requirements for it
  • Detailed analysis of the feature films and literary works included in the exam specification
  • Take a mock exam

For what age

From 15 years old


The candidate passed the GCSE Russian exam not less than with an 8.


2 hours

Preparing for A Level Russian: When to Start? Exam Specifics

In this video, Vika Tyazhelnikova explains when it’s best to start preparing for A Level Russian, thoroughly breaks down the specification requirements, exam format, and the specifics of preparation for it.

If you would like your child to prepare for GCSE and A level exams at LinguaPlay, it would be helpful if they could do the free test below to assess their current abilities. This will enable us to tailor our education program to their specific needs and identify areas where improvement is needed.

It is important to:

  • Fill in your contact details for the test, not your child’s
  • We recommend taking the test in a calm environment
  • The test typically takes about an hour, and dictionaries are allowed
  • You will receive the test results via email

If you require a Russian-speaking examiner at your school for students who are taking GCSE or A Level Russian oral examinations as private candidates, please complete our form. The form must be completed by a member of school staff.

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