LinguaPlay schools are located within the Greater London area and nearby.

Russian language schools in the UK

At LinguaPlay schools, children have the opportunity to learn the Russian language from early childhood to successful completion of GCSE and A-Level Russian qualifications, using specially designed programs and teaching materials.

Графика в LinguaPlay-Eltham и Greenwich

Art classes

In our schools, children have the opportunity to experiment with various art techniques and materials: learn the basics of composition, draw from nature, get acquainted with the work of Great Masters and explore developing trends in painting and design.

Our learning materials

Drawing on our vast experience in educating children and our profound comprehension of the distinctive requirements of bilingual learners, we are proud to offer our own learning resources. These materials offer unparalleled flexibility and academic challenge, catering to the needs of parents and teachers seeking to maintain the Russian language in bilingual environment.

Our materials
Prepare for GCSE Russian effectivly

GCSE and A-level

While studying at LinguaPlay schools, students will be given the support necessary to prepare for the GCSE and A-Level Russian examinations. These qualifications allow graduates to gain additional benefits in education and their future careers.

Online School

LinguaPlay-Online offers a wide range of subjects and activities, both in small groups and individually. Our unique support system allows you to design a personalised and flexible schedule for your child’s curriculum.